Regular Exercise Can Slow Ageing Process

Research has demonstrated undeniably that exercise does slow down the ageing process.

As Postural Therapist and Corrective Exercise Specialist, I have observed through the years that not only is this true, but it can be taken a whole new level.

As we age, joints begin to stiffen and wear. If you have poor posture (improper load joints) you will begin to notice small changes, aches, pains and lack of range of motion. It’s very disturbing to me when I hear people say “I’m just getting old, it’s normal”. There is nothing normal about lack of ability to move.

We can change this with daily postural exercises and strength training. If you can plan 20 minutes per day for postural work and 3 times per week strength training you are going to be amazed and thrilled with your results.

Clients describe the changes as “feeling more functional, looser and much stronger”.

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