What causes knee pain?

Have you ever stood up or gotten out of bed and thought to yourself  “I must have tweaked my knee”.

Now thinking back, did you do anything the day before to bring that on? More than likely, I bet you didn’t do anything to your knee. So what would cause this sudden onset of knee pain?

We sit, stand, walk around and our base of support is below the waist, it’s our pelvis. More than likely, you have rotated and perhaps on side is more anterior than the other. This means that when you place your foot down during movement, you may have more weight distributed on the front, back, or sides. Try this test; make sure you can grab something just in case you lose balance. Take your shoes off and close your eyes. This will work best with eyes closed. Wait until you can feel both feet individually. Now start with one foot and notice where the weight is. Is it on the heel, mid foot or toes? Perhaps a combination of both? Is the weight on the inside or outside of the foot? Now repeat the same test on the opposite foot. When you have completed this, determine whether or not one foot has more pressure on the floor. Meaning; it there more weight one one of the feet?

My guess is you will find a difference between the two sides. This demonstrates you have a compensation and that is why your knee hurts or feels painful.

This can be corrected through a series of 3-5 exercise in Postural Therapy. It also indicate there are weaknesses within the Gluteal muscles.

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Happy Healing’s, Carolyn

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