Well into my career in Postural Therapy I noticed that some of my clients weren’t getting the expected results. Studying their postural photos, I noticed those who had shoulder issues and poor upper body posture would lack the change needed to relieve, reduce and eliminate knee pain. Even if I discovered a dysfunctional pelvis and lower body (which always was the case) I still didn’t get the expected results. Looking at all the postural photos and functional tests I decided to look more out of the box. What I discovered was implementing shoulder postural corrections would immediately reduce knee pain, even before I started correcting their base of support, the pelvis. If you are someone who feels like you have done all the work, and still can’t dissolve and reduce knee pain, your shoulders may be the driving factor. I have observed through the years that poor shoulder position can drive neck pain, mid back pain, groin pain, hip pain, knee pain,  ankle pain and elbow pain. As one of my instructors always said the two most used joints in the human body are the jaw and the shoulders. Not everyone is shoulder driven, however like mentioned earlier, if you have tried many modalities, it might be time to explore what Postural Therapy can do for you to become pain and injury free.

Carolyn Vanzlow is a Postural Therapist Certified Through Egoscue Institute

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