Are you someone with Spondylolisthesis? For the sake of this little article I will refer to “spondy”. As a Postural Therapist, I have worked with many who have this condition. Some were born with it and others due to a catastrophic event acquired it. The clients I have worked with seek my services because they are dead set again surgical intervention or drugs. They are proactive about daily exercises and movements that will help them stay pain free and keep active. Some of my clients are construction workers, athletes and others are people with low activity jobs. They all concur that movement, the right movement keeps them relatively pain free and happy.
When a new client comes in with this condition, I like to spend a lot of time learning about what brings the pain on, and what movements decreases pain or stops it.
Some qualities I have noticed about most Spondy people is winging in the shoulders and a forward lean when walking. What I like to do is teach their shoulders proper function and and decrease the forward lean. All of this is done with Postural Therapy.
Some clients come in with a lot of pain and have a difficult time standing for any length of time. Many times this is due to lack of muscle activation. Postural Therapy re-educates the nervous system and the muscles become more active, thus pain decreases.
After they start feeling better, we go into corrective exercise with helps hold the postural alignment (think of exercise as glue). Unless the client is active in a contact sport, many go on to do what they like.   

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