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Testimony from Rakeem Yates Defensive Lineman

Tip of the week for low back pain.

Your body is a living organism


Your body is a living organisim. It knows how to heal. Giving it the right tools begins the process living a pain free life.

As an Egoscue AET and PAS certified through Egoscue Institute we look to find the root cause of your pain and injury.

Having a program designed specifically for your posture is a custom made tool you can use to create a functional pain free body.

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A Healthy Body


A healthy body will take work and effort.

Living pain free is a gift and becoming pain free means even more. Having control of how you move and feel can change your life for good!

You will feel and look better and moving will no longer be an effort.

Don't let pain cause you to miss out on things you love to do!

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