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Mid back pain, neck and shoulder pain, hip pain.

Are you tired of hurting? 

What if you had a proven system that will help you become more functional,  flexible, balanced, and stronger?

My coach told me "you must believe in a system and then put 

100% into everything you do and make that system work."

When I work with clients, experience has taught me that Postural Therapy works, as long as you put the work in.

Successful clients put their all into utilizling the system and doing their exercises and stretches.  They enjoy the sweetness of success and becoming pain free and more functional.

This is a committment to yourself and only you can make it work!

Carolyn Vanzlow

I am a Postural Alignment Specialist (PAS) and Advanced Exercise Therapist (AET) Certified through the Egoscue Institute.

Chek Practitioner Level 4 and Holistic Lifestyle Coach.

What attracted me to Postural  Work was my own story that left me in pain and not able to do the things I love. I felt like my insides were twisted into a pretzel and had a rough time just trying to sit or walk.

I was told I had severe osteoporosis and would have to be on medication for the rest of my life. I was scared to drive my car and it hurt to exercise. 

I  looked for help that didn't involve surgery or prescription drugs, In my quest, after trying many different modalities, I discovered Postural Work. That was the day my health began to go forward.

I learned that I can have control over my body and did not have to be a prisoner to pain and injury. I also learned that balance was something that could be learned. I grew back bone tissue without medications and later became an athlete. All after the age of 50.

Today I am a competitive Powerlifter and hold 12 World Records and 15 State Records in 2 different federations.

I am currently 69 and started powerlifting at 65. 

There is no limit when you have the mindset and the right tools to become pain free and live life on your terms.

I invite you to come in and have a free 30 minute assessment and see for yourself that you can become pain free too! 

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How To Get Started


 Once you make your mind up to become pain free, start with making an appointment with our office for a complimentary assesment.

702-354 8269

If you live in another state or country, we provide internet sessions on Zoom, FaceTime and Skype.

We look to find the root cause of why you hurt. We don't try to suppress symptoms or put bandaids them, only to return in a few days or weeks.

When you arrive we will begin by learning about you and finding out more about your pain. You will need to have comfortable clothing that allows you to move. 

We will take pictures and do movement assesments that will help us to  better understand specifics about your body.

 We are now  are ready to design your first program and begin teaching you how to exercise and stretch according to your specific postural issues. 

When you commit to our program you will be provided with a website and password to access your program, written instructions and videos to provide you with expert instructions. 

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